Clive Owen: New Icon, Bulgari Man

British Celebrity Clive Owen is the new style and fashion icon for Bulgari, representing the new Bulgari for men fragrance line and colognes, Bulgari Man.

If you’ve ever wanted to be one of those hip Bulgari men, look no further than stylish and fashionable British Celebrity Clive Owen is the new style and fashion icon for Bulgari, representing the Bulgari Man fragrance line of Bulgari men’s colognes.

Bulgari has enlisted the services of icon of masculinity Clive Owen to be the ultimate representation of Bulgari Man, an opulent fragrance for men. Bulgari Man is a white woody Oriental fragrance that interprets a new ideal of masculinity.

Traditionally set as an element in men’s perfumery, the intense woody accord is now illuminated by radiant subtleties that capture the essence of natural purity.

The notes include bergamot, lotus blossom, pear, violet leaves, white wood, benzoin, honey, cypriol and ambrox.

Only the lightest, whitest, woodiest segments of the key ingredient, vetiver, have been extracted, bringing forth the true essence of nature’s masculine side.

This Bulgari men’s fragrance was reviewed in the Feb/March 2011 issue of DA MAN. To subscribe, click here.