Cinta Laura Embraces a New Look, Career and Life in Hollywood

LABOR OF LOVE. Dian Arthen catches up with Cinta Laura Kiehl in her second appearance on DAMAN to talk about her life and career in Hollywood


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Seven years ago, when DA MAN first met Cinta Laura Kiehl, the then 17-year-old starlet was just about to go to college in the United States, and Hollywood wasn’t exactly a top priority for her. “If an opportunity comes my way, I’ll take it,” she said back then. “But if it doesn’t, I won’t mind either.” Today, Kiehl has already graduated cum laude from Columbia University where she double-majored in psychology and German literature, starred in her first Hollywood movie (“The Philosopher”) alongside Bonnie Wright in 2013 and has attended quite a few prestigious movie award ceremonies including the Oscars and BAFTA.

When I met her for her second photo shoot with DA MAN, she was actually just a day away from flying back to the U.S. after spending Christmas and New Year’s in Indonesia. Prior to that, she just finished filming “The Ninth Passenger,” a thriller about eight passengers on a yacht left adrift in the middle of the ocean, with a ninth mystery passenger. In the movie, Kiehl plays as Nicole, one of the lead characters. “She is a college student who is actually very smart, but she does like to party and then she is the rebel of the group,” she spells out her character. “And I’m kind of the one who persuades everyone to get on the yacht.”

Unlike her past TV and movie appearances which usually see her playing as either the oppressed protagonist or the innocent girl who always gets bullied by others, her latest role is the exact opposite: The German-Indonesian starlet now gets to act as a troublemaker. Kiehl, however, notes that her character is much more complex than the typical “bad girl” we’ve seen in dozens of other movies. “You know how in many movies, the rebellious girl is usually the slutty one? My character is not like that,” she points out. “My character is actually very bright, knows her worth and is very opinionated.”


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