Christmas Gift Ideas: Scented Candles

As it is with niche perfumes, probably getting someone a scented candle would feel more intimate – although in a way, it is a safe bet. In one hand, if they don’t really expect it, it’s unlikely that they will throw it away. Most people would just keep a scented candle at home for “emergencies.” On the other hand, if they like it, they would appreciate the gesture immensely.

Just like the previous lists, here we have five scented candles that would be perfect for gifts.


This New York based brand have been making home fragrances for more than 25 years. Their niche scents have long became signature of Nest, with Moroccan Amber being one of the more masculine tones – and highly popular.


Proud for being an artisan fragrance maker, the California made candles are most identified by their crafy and beautifully detailed glass canisters. And the Moso Bamboo candle has that dark engraved glass, while the scent is as calming as the name implied.

Be the Light

The brand, founded by former supermodel and global philanthropist Petra Nemcova produces various home decor and lifestyle items along with their exclusive World Collection candles. Our pick: of course, the Indonesia Patchouli Peace.

Sensory Faculty

Design-wise, SF took the other direction than other brands. Their candles came in plain and rustic porcelain containers and named with adjectives instead of nouns. From that, it’s obvious that we chose Spirit, which has basil, tobacco, oak moss and sandalwood.

Euodia Home

A true friend of the planet, EH not only make some interesting natural fragrances, but they make their candles out of soy – making them safer for the environment than others made of paraffin. Also, who isn’t intrigued with a scent called “Burnt Fig?”


*All scented candles on this list are available at Glow Living Beauty. Visit their Plaza Indonesia store to get some of these exclusive and rare candles.