Christmas Gift Idea: Year End’s Best Gadgets

Cut Kilos the Hi-Tech Way – Mbody Coach

It’s that time of year again when a lot of people are starting to think about resolutions for the next 12 months. Of course, when it comes to New Year’s resolutions, getting fit is always a popular option. As trite as it might sound, it’s always a good thing to aim for—as long as we can find a way to formulate a good exercise plan and, most importantly, stick to it. And here’s where technology might lend a helping hand. Yes, we’re talking about wearable fitness trackers and other exercise-related gadgets.

One particularly shining example of this category is the Mbody Coach, which is essentially a personal trainer in gadget form. As an extension of Myontec Mbody’s gadgetsportswear line, the aptly named Coach tracks your body’s bio signals and provides everything from training instructions and muscle performance to overload warning. Definitely a nifty way to keep you motivated.

An Apple a Day – Apple Mac Mini

In this age of large smartphones and laptops, there’s actually still room for the “family computer”—a reliable desktop that is speedy, can handle basic tasks and preferably comes in a small package. This is exactly the kind of role that the Apple Mac Mini is built for.

Some people might still remember the last, rather disappointing Mini from back in 2014, but the 2018 model is certainly doing a good job of rectifying most of its predecessor’s shortcomings. It’s still not something you want to take up if you’re doing stuff like graphic design or video editing, but the Mini has a fast CPU along with extensive options for add-ons and expendable storage. All in all, it’s quite the dependable daily workhorse.

A Debut in Sound – Microsoft Surface Headphones

Once again, we see tech giant Microsoft— who used to be a software giant first and foremost—expand its range of hardware offerings. Meet the company’s first ever noise-cancelling headphones: The Surface Headphones. Serious audiophiles might find the sound output not as crisp as what one might expect from a p roduct in this price range, but it’s still above “okay” levels.

Comfort, meanwhile, is where the Surface Headphones really shine, with a design that prevents fatigue even after long stretches of constant use and memory foam pads that are absolutely cozy. The noise-cancelling feature is also easily adjustable, which is quite useful if you need to use these headphones in situations where you still need to be aware of people trying to talk to you—like at work. It’s certainly a cool debut into the world of audio gear.

Five for Five – LG V40 ThinQ

Why settle for a phone with just two or even three cameras when you can have five? That’s exactly why the LG V40 ThinQ is making waves: It comes with five cameras, from a standard lens with optical image stabilization to a telephoto lens with 2x zoom, plus plenty of software enhancements and tweaks.

It might not be the phone to take the best pictures, but it certainly gives the user the widest range of options. The V40 ThinQ’s 6.4-inch screen also makes it easy to review your shots without it being too ungainly to handle. And as an added bonus, it’s also water resistance, making this the perfect accompaniment for your end of year escapades.