Christmas Gift Idea: The Advent Calendar

Entering December, many have prepared their own respective wishlist – what to get, who to give. But probably none is more thorough in welcoming the festive month other than the Advent Calendar. A classic Christmas tradition of opening each dates of December until Christmas day, it is then adapted by brands to create their own Advent Calendar gift box sets. Understandably, it’s appropriate for beauty and grooming brands, since they have small-sized items in their collection.

Here, we list you four of the best this holiday season.


Kiehl’s went all out this season, joined forces with artist Andrew Bannecker to design the exquisite looking box. It comes in the shape of a travelling briefcase, complete with stickers of notable destinations. Inside, a pop up label greets us as we seek each date’s boxes to open and reveal which product stored inside.


The French beauty line released two types of Advent Calendar boxes this year, with one called “Classic” and shaped like a small briefcase (pictured), and the other called “Magic”with reflective surfaces. Both boxes has similar themes in terms of colors and illustrations, but the latter was specially made for their luxury products.

The Body Shop

Another ambitious project comes from The Body Shop, where they release not one, not two, but three different Advent Calendars! They’re animal themed and color coded, but we fell for Freddie the Fox’s box more than the other because it carries the brand’s lux collection, it has the best interior illustrations and it comes with a fawn-eared headband!

Jo Malone

One of the most beautifully made Advent Calendar this season comes without many elaborate details. The facade is a regular London housing street, with their arched entrance, the slim windows and thousands of bricks – all hand drawn to the last square. Tied together by both the minimalist color palette and a bow, the 24 ‘resident doors’ is revealed inside,

Stay tuned to our social media timelines and our blog posts, as we will unveil different gifts as well as gift lists each day until Christmas!