Christmas Gift Idea: Niche Perfumes

When it comes to picking the perfect gifts, probably perfumes will always be on top of anybody’s list. They’re easy to carry and easy to get, and comes in millions of variants. It’s even better when your loved one already has their own preference. Yet, choosing the right perfume for someone is as hard as deciding it for ourselves. Too many selections, hard to differentiate, and many more problems. We think there’s only one solution to this problem: get a niche perfume instead.

Its limited production and one of a kind scents would make this a more personal gift – one that would mean more for your loved ones. We list you ten of the best that you can get right now.


Escentric Molecules

EM is a brand that took the scientific approach in making their fragrances – rather than scents influenced by the nature like most of the others. Using the base of the laboratory produced “Iso E Super”, the brand have launched four pairs of perfumes, all containing the super molecule itself (Escentric  with 65% and Molecule with a pure 100%.) For introduction to their unique and “addictive” scent, try the 01 series first.


Determined to always create its own trend since day one, Omani fragrance empire Amouage sure have become a global brand. Founded nearly 40 years ago during the height of luxury perfumes releasing variants to their signature bottles, the brand stayed on course and kept exclusive. Until this day, they’ve only opened around 20 stores worldwide. Of all their nearly 20 specialty fragrances for men, we can recommend you Jubilation XXV Man.

Bond No.9

Strongly stood out from the rest, Bond No.9  is most well known for their undying homage for the metropolis that is their hometown: New York. Almost all of their fragrances bear various New York locations or landmarks, that in a very unique way, the scents induced memories about them as well. Our pick is the Wall Street, with spritzes that even the brand itself says it in the descriptions, “dollars and cents never smelled so good.”


A family business since its creation of their first drops in the 1760s, the Creed family is still going strong in making niche fragrances to this very day. With that two-and-a-half century history, we could spend all night and day just to point out which are worth to try. But our favorite surprisingly came not long ago – in 2010 to be exact. The leathery and smoky aroma of the Aventus should be your first experience with Creed.


Another British heritage perfumery, Atkinsons have been making fragrances since 200 years ago! And it’s no wonder that they have a mile long list of signature notes – both from their legendary collection to their more contemporary ones. But our pick comes down to 24 Old Bond Street. The heartfelt tribute bottle for the brand’s 19th century headquarters is not only historic and sincere, but an award winning fragrance as well!

Acqua di Parma

A representation of Italy on this list, ADP is one of those brands that focused more on giving an overall wellness touch rather than being a lavish and elegant fragrance focused line. Their various products in skincare and grooming has long been favorites all over the world. But none probably made a mark as significant as the Colonia. The very first perfume they produced a century ago, it’s iconic as well as everlasting.


It is said that to experience something foreign, you must try it from the origin. So if you are a man who is attracted to the rustic notes of oud or agarwood, then you should try a perfume brand that are built around the bold rawness of the element itself. Ajmal was founded in the Middle East and have been the top supplier for Arab sheikhs for more than six decades – thanks to their personalized service, apart from an already vibrant collection. For an introduction to oud, we recommend one of the Dahn al Oudh series.


After the Middle East noblemen, we now take you to European royalty. Yes, in it’s more than two centuries long history, Houbigant perfumery was the favorite fragrant used by various kings and queens – from Napoleon, Marie Antoinette to Queen Victoria. Better known nowadays as Houbigant Paris, the brand keeps on reinventing new fragrances based on their classic masterpieces – such as the impeccable  and genre-defining bottle from 1882,  Fougere Royale.

Perris Monte Carlo

A specialist in developing the eight basic notes and creating new products with unique components, Perris Monte Carlo is probably one of the biggest niche fragrance and wellness brand in the world. Their various collections has brilliant formulas that contain uncommon raw materials such as ylang-ylang, cocoa and patchouli. It’s quite hard to pick just one (the fact that all their bottles are unisex also complicates the selection,) but we suggest one of this year’s favorite, the Mandarino di Sicilia from their Italy collection.

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