Christmas Cheers: DAMAN’s Ultimate Holiday Drinks

Sip and be merry, these spirits of the season are pretty much our top Christmas drinks of the year

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to start thinking about all the festive traditions that make this time of year so special. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the holidays is the opportunity to indulge in delicious, seasonal drinks, or even simply drink your favorite spirits. From classic eggnog to warming mulled wine, there are countless beverages and even liquor to choose from that will help you get into the holiday spirit. This time around, we’ve rounded alphabetically our version of 20 best drinks for Christmas to add cheer to your celebrations. Whether you’re hosting a holiday party or simply looking for a cozy way to relax at home, these lovely drinks are sure to hit the spot.


The single malt scotch whisky Aberfeldy has recently launched in Indonesia. The brand officially introduced its core portfolio, which is composed of Aberfeldy 12-Year-Old, Aberfeldy 16-Year-Old, and Aberfeldy 21-Year-Old. More importantly, each batch of the whisky is distilled in Alembic Copper Pot Stills, crafted by Forsyths in Scotland. Made of copper, the pot stills help Aberfeldy craft a fruity, classic highland style of whisky.


The Balvenie recently held its “The Balvenie, Made by Heart,” exclusive gathering in Jakarta. The brand essentially welcomed us to taste and discover a unique range of rich and complex flavors passionately crafted by all the makers at its distillery, in particular through its signature Cask Finishes range. Our favorite one? Definitely the Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14-year-old single malt whisky, which has been matured in traditional oak whisky casks for 14 years, and then ‘finished’ in casks that previously held Caribbean rum. The result is an exceptional single malt whisky with the traditional smooth, honeyed character of The Balvenie married with notes of toffee and a hint of fruit, with a warm, lingering finish.

Biscuit & Dubouche

Our favorite from Bisquit & Dubouché is definitely its Bisquit & Dubouché V.S.O.P. In short, as the cognac is matured in French Oak Barrels for a minimum of four years, it offers an aroma of ripe fruit—dried apricot and honey—and sweet spices—cinnamon and clove.

Chivas Regal

Among various selection of aged whiskies from Chivas Regal, we absolutely love Chivas Regal Mizunara. Aside from the writer’s own experience and personal story about this particular whisky that brings a certain memory, Chivas Mizunara is a truly unique drink. Why? Because the delicately spicy whisky is bursting with the floral flavors found in traditional Japanese whiskies, making it a hit with Japanese and Scotch whisky drinkers alike. In short, it beautifully marries two cultures together for an exceptionally well-crafted whisky.


According to the brand’s website, Chum-Churum soju was created to share the spirit of living each day as if it were something completely new and of never losing sight of your “original resolution.” With that being said, and after the brand’s announcement of BLACKPINK’s Jennie as the new face of Chum-Churum, it’d be hard to not include this lovely drink from South Korea in our list. And also, we love this soju that much.