Christian Louboutin’s Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion Film is a Killer

Drop dead chic



As part of the brand’s spring/summer 2017 campaign, Christian Louboutin has launched a fashion film of the murderous kind,

Entitled “What Happened to Bellofficier?” the film is more or less a modern, much shorter, more vibrantly colorful version of “Rear Window.” Or maybe not.

The point is Christian Louboutin and the classic Hitchcock movie have that same feel.

The fashion film follows a group of three friends as they dress up for a party in a hotel room. When a loud thud echoes from the next room, the trio take a peek under the door frame and discover what seems to be a murder scene. What really happened? Who is the real killer? The ending is unraveled on



In case you’re wondering, the “Louboutin Homme” is wearing lug sole style Rossini Flat with signature spiked cap toe in a vibrant Mini Alveole in the movie. Below is the all-white version of the shoe.



Meanwhile, the dying male character in the film is wearing Bellofficier, a French-colonial inspired boot with a harness, burnished gold eyelets and a robust gold back chain.