Christian Louboutin presents the Loubi in Progress Collection for F/W18

Did you ever wish you were hidden in Louboutin’s studio to witness the birth of a shoe in the making? Christian Louboutin presents Loubi in Progress, a collection celebrating the creation process.

Lou Spikes Loubi Kraft Flat | Christian Louboutin Loubi in Progress Collection F/W19

The result is a visually bold collection. A creative testimony fixed on the side of shoes, on the flap of handbags or wallets. On your feet or shoulder, you carry around a unique fragment of the Maison Christian Louboutin.

Explorafunk Loubi Kraft | Christian Louboutin Loubi in Progress Collection

A sneak peek at the atelier

Push the door of the Parisian atelier where the magic happens. There, the finest tradition of French savoir-faire meets the creative energy of the designer at work. The atelier is full of tools and materials, ready to come together to tell a story. But this time, the story is all about the creation process itself.

For this collection, Christian Louboutin turned the shoes inside out. Stripped naked, they are immortalized the very minute before they are covered with fabric.

Created from scrap

Make shoes with recycled bits and pieces? Yes! It all started at the end of the 90’s when Christian Louboutin designed the Trash Mule, thus inventing the trash technique on the premise that “Someone’s trash can turn into someone else’s treasure”.

Louis Woman Flat Loubi Kraft | Christian Louboutin Loubi in Progress Collection F/W19

This time, kraft paper is turned into unsuspected pieces of high fashion. This iconic material has been sheltering the Louboutin creations since the very beginning, in the form of shopping bags and shoes boxes. It is now the pulsing heart of the collection. The historic kraft paper was torn up, sometimes crumpled, cut and finally hand- assembled into collages, put on display under a glossy layer of PVC.

Encapsulated forever in each piece is the artistic gesture exposed, undisturbed, and frozen into unique compositions.

Christian Louboutin Loubi in Progress Collection F/W19

The Loubi in Progress collection is available worldwide on and in Christian Louboutin Plaza Indonesia.