Chris Tschupp is the Ultimate Modern-Day Renaissance Man

EVERYBODY LOVES CHRIS. From designers and artists to writers and musicians, believe us when we say everybody—except for 70-year-old ladies, that is—loves Chris Tschupp


Chris Tschupp in Sweater by G-Star Raw
Sweater by G-Star Raw


Hearing Chris Tschupp’s life story, you would think it came straight out of a fiction novel. He is, to put it rather simple, a former ice hockey athlete-turned-model and actor, who also happened to be a nightclub owner and music manager? Surely no man can be that versatile, right?

But every bit and piece of this tale is just as genuine as Tschupp’s candid personality as he recounts bits and pieces of his life; from his chance encounter with Calvin Klein the designer, his hilarious audition for “Sex and the City,” his involvement in Jennifer Lopez’s secret 30th birthday party and so on. Actually, we’re going to just skip to the Q&A section. His is the kind of life story that’s best left uncondensed.


DA MAN: Hi, Chris! Awesome to have you with us. How’s 2016 shaping up for you so far?
Chris Tschupp: Thank you for having me! 2016 is shaping up nicely. Did a shot in a Malibu artist’s retreat and a remote beachfront property just north of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, for a few days with the extremely talented photographer Robb Gordon. Waiting on a Lexus commercial I shot to come out and have some options in the next few weeks.

DA MAN: Any big plans for the rest of the year that you can share with us?
Chris Tschupp: Big plans … all my plans are big. Set your sights high, almost out of reach then go after them with a relentless work ethic. I recently had a film I wrote optioned by a production company, and we will be making offers to some A‐list actors and directors. After developing and writing this story for the last seven years, it is very gratifying to start the process of actually making the film. I’m simultaneously writing my next film, which is shaping up to be an extremely emotional story of love, fear and achieving triumph through tragedy.


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