Chris Evans Admits to Getting Cold Feet Before Taking Captain America Role

The star of one of the most-anticipated movies of the year “Captain America: Civil War” Chris Evans sits down for an interview with #IWCTalksTo


#IWCTalksTo Chris Evans


It’s only a few days before the latest installment in the Captain America saga is released in theaters (it will come out April 27 in Indonesia), and IWC Schaffhausen is joining the hype by releasing a video interview with the leader of #TeamCap himself, Chris Evans.

Evans, who is also a brand ambassador of the Swiss watch manufacturer, opens the interview by talking about his fondness for IWC watches. “IWC has always been the one that catches my eye on a consistent basis. Anytime I see [a watch], I’m, like, ‘What is that?’ IWC! Man, they make good stuff!”

Evans also mentions about his long-time collaboration with Marvel, while teasing two future “The Avengers” movies, which will start filming in November. It was during this time when Evans reminisces about his pre-Captain America time. “I got cold feet,” he says, referring to the life-defining moment when he was informed that he got the title role. “I was intimidated by the commitment and where I wanted my life to go in terms of acting, and how I was relating to the requirements of the films of that nature. It was a little bit of a dance but ultimately I jumped on board. Best decision in my life!”

The interview also discusses Evans’ passion in directing and acting on stage. Watch the full video here: