Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of an Hermès Icon: The Cape Cod Watch

CODE OF ELEGANCE. La Montre Hermès celebrates the 25th anniversary of one of its icons: Cape Cod


Cape Cod with onyx dial


An icon doesn’t need to scream to make a statement. An icon has a distinct identity that others can never compare with. These two values are part of the underlying characteristics that define the Cape Cod watch by Hermès.

The rectangular design is subtle yet, at the same time, inimitable. It takes after the smooth curves of the brand’s signature Anchor Chain, which was first designed by Robert Dumas-Hermès, fourth-generation heir to the brand, back in 1937. It didn’t transpose to timepieces until 25 years ago when Henri d’Origny, artistic director of Hermès, transferred this design vocabulary to watchmaking. Henri d’Origny, who is largely known for his silk carré scarves, cleverly incorporated a square dial in the center and then perfected the watch design by adding art deco geometry.


Cape Cod with double wrap-around strap


In the hands of yet another designer, Martin Margiela to be exact, the Cape Cod turned into a sassy and fashionable fashion icon when it was released with a double wrap-around strap for his very first Hermès runway show in 1998. It was such a powerful statement piece that placed time and style in the same seat. And on top of that, the leather watchstrap produced by Hermès is, hands down, the best one in the world.

This year, as it celebrates its 25th anniversary, the Cape Cod legacy reemerges in an array of new models, boasting an unprecedented use of gem-settings and mother-of-pearl dials. Two of the most exciting pieces come with dials made of semiprecious stones, namely onyx and lapis lazuli. Now, to make a more striking yet subtle statement, why not get one with the new interchangeable single and double wraparound straps in vivid colors, like electric blue, iris or tomato red? After all, 25 is an age filled with plenty of celebratory moments, and you definitely deserve to take part in this journey.


hermes cape cod
Cape Cod Automatic, of the very large size