Celebrate the Independence Day Through Your OOTD

When did the last time you actually celebrated August 17th? Not necessarily with competing in wacky traditional races, or enjoying barbecue and fireworks like our Western friends. But just embracing the moment that marked our liberation more than 70 years ago.

But of course, we can achieve this with the least effort possible: through the outfit that we wear. Although seem like simplifying the Independence Day, wearing your nation’s colors will bring out the nationalist in you – even if it’s just a little. Here are some examples of the items from our fashion archives that you can pull on Indonesia’s most celebrated day.


Shirt by Ralph Lauren, sweatpants by Alternative Apparel

Speaking about being effortless, white is probably the one tone that defines that description perfectly. That being said, this henley top gives that same spirit, but the buttons add some upgrading details.

Shirt by 3.1 Phillip Lim, trousers by Canali

Another example of white being white: wear it loose, open a few buttons and roll up the sleeves. Even with all that, you can still look good. White on white is not mandatory, but definitely a plus.

Hoodie and shorts by Skingraft, Necklace by Facon Facon, Shoes by Alejandro Ingelmo

Since it’s the week of celebrating sports here in Indonesia, why not get geared up in white from top to bottom? Insider’s tip, white makes you stand out on the court – and probably better than the guys on the other team.



Shirt by Fred Perry, necklace by Saint Laurent

If wearing a bright red shirt is too bold for you, then the safest bet would be a plaid one. Be careful of its versatility, you might end up being too lumberjack. Watch your jeans and shoes – be classy enough for some rounds of malts.

Outfit by Louis Vuitton

Again with the sports theme – but who can resist this baby? A single tone varsity jacket takes you off from the high school team and straight to the big league. And yes, we’re talking about your look as well.

Outfit by Gucci

A perfectly-fitted polo shirt is always a snug and posh addition to a semi casual attire. Not as laid back as a T-shirt, but dapper enough for you to get noticed. Also, bright red helps to achieve that latter purpose as well.

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