Celebrate the flavors of Indonesia at Plataran Dharmawangsa

To make Indonesia’s independence month more joyous this August, Plataran Venues & Dining is preparing two special menus. The special menu of the month is available from 1 August 2019 to 31 August 2019 at Plataran Dharmawangsa, Plataran Menteng, Patio Venue and Teras Dharmawangsa.

The curated menu which includes Nasi Kemerdekaan and Es Merah Putih are inspired by the true Indonesian culture and our national flag.

Served in large portions, the special Independence menu from Plataran is made for moments of togetherness. Nasi Kemerdekaan is served in tradional tumpeng style with yellow rice, fried chicken with crisps, egg balado, stir-fried tempeh, fried bihun, and sambal shrimp with potatoes. (Tumpeng is the essential dish during celebratory moments for Indonesians, and Plataran hopes to bring the spirit of festivity on a plate.)

Also, there is a fresh drink called Es Merah Putih which represents the colors of the national flag, made by using a special combination of soursop and strawberry juice.

In addition to the special menus, the signatures of Plataran Venues & Dining will also accompany the celebratory month at four outlets in Jakarta. A number of specialties, created with Plataran twists, such as Dendeng Batokok, Salad Putri Dewi, Nasi Goreng Keling, and Pisang Bakar ala Plataran will satisfy the cravings for authentic Indonesian food.

For information and reservations, call +6221 29627771 for Plataran Menteng; +6221 29044167 for Plataran Dharmawangsa; +6221 7241363 for Patio Venue; +6221 27513687 for the Teras Dharmawangsa; +6221 290 44167/68 for Plataran Catering Service or visit the Plataran Venues & Dining website at www.plataran.com.