Catching up with Maximilian Mundt from “How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast)”

From dealing with life amid the pandemic and season three of the hit Netflix series he’s best known for.

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Almost exactly a year after we featured him on our website, Maximilian Mundt is back. We talked about coping with the pandemic and the hit series that got us hooked and binged the whole season through. And the great news is, the most-streamed German original series has been renewed for a third season. Although the circumstances aren’t ideal, but things are getting better in Germany and it’s great to hear that Mundt is currently filming the third season.

DA MAN: Hai Maximilian, awesome to have you again with us. How are you?
Maximilan Mundt: Hey, it’s so nice to be back! I’m currently shooting season three of “How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast)” and it’s a joy. I’m very thankful that we are allowed to work again under the current circumstances.

DA: Where were you self-quarantining during the pandemic?
MM: I was at home with my flat mates and we spent a lot of the time cooking and painting our walls, meditating and working out. I’ve never been in such good shape.

DA: And talking about the pandemic, how do you feel about all this?
MM: Of course, it’s scary. In the beginning I had no idea where things would go but my mother, who is working as a nurse, calmed me by telling me as long as I’m careful with social contact and wash my hands I should be safe. But, I’m also in a very privileged situation. I had no trouble with paying my rent or buying food. And it’s a big relieve that in Germany we are already allowed to film again under certain hygiene actions.

DA: How is this “new normal” affecting you? Personal and professionally?
MM: Everything is slower. We take more time for us and think more about our loved ones.

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DA: Let’s talk about “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast).” And, of course, congratulations for the second season! How do you feel about this new chapter for your show?
MM: I never thought we would do a second season. And I never expected that so many people all over the world would watch our show. So, I’m super excited what the audience will think about season two and I hope we won’t disappoint them.

DA: Can you tell us what can be expected from this second season?
MM: More action, more love drama and new cool characters. Plus, Buba will get his revenge.

DA: In the trailer for the second season, you were seen shaving off your whole head! What’s that about?
MM: My character is going through a big transformation. From the shy school nerd to the selfish drug lord.

DA: Were you okay with that?
MM: It was fun! We were shooting that scene in the winter and I never had my hair this short, so it was pretty cold.

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DA: In your opinion, why is “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)”so successful?
MM: I think “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)” has found new ways of visual storytelling.

DA: What do you love and hate most about your character, Maximilian?
MM: I love Moritz’ awkward moments and playing them is so much fun! But what makes his character bad is his selfish and nearly narcissistic behavior.

DA: What are your top three greatest moments while filming the series?
MM: I loved every scene with our dog. Filming with a dog makes everything so much more fun. Shooting the time travel sequence with all these cool costumes. And drinking so many packages of Chocomel. [Laughs]

DA: So, what’s next for you after this? Are there any upcoming projects you can share with us?
MM: Well, right now, we are filming season three. And afterwards, I’m not sure yet!

DA: What are your plans for the rest of the year?
MM: Spending as much time as I can with my loved ones.

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