Catching Up with “Watchmen” and “Perry Mason” Star Andrew Howard

Andrew Howard on starring in HBO’s “Watchmen” and how he keeps busy.

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With a long list of appearances in classic TV shows such as “Band of Brothers,” “Boardwalk Empire,” “CSI,” “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” to his memorable role as Bad Frank Philips in the AMC Emmy Award-winning series “Hatfields & McCoys”, it’s clear that Andrew Howard is no stranger to classic American television.

Currently, Howard plays in the HBO series “Watchmen” as red Scare, a communist detective in the reimagining of the famed and classic graphic novel. He’s also currently shooting the HBO limited series “Perry Mason” in which he plays as Detective Ennis. The series is set in 1932 Los Angeles that follows the origin story of America’s most legendary fictional criminal defense lawyer.

Having already appeared movies such as “the Hangover Part II,” “Limitless” and “Taken 3,” Howard is apparently set to appear in Christopher Nolan’s much talked about film “Tenet”. recently, DA MAN had the chance to talk to Howard to learn more about his recent projects with HBO and his career:

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DA MAN: You’re now starring in HBO’s hit series “Watchmen.” Can we start with how you got involved with the project?
Andrew Howard: I got a call that they wanted to see me, but I was shooting in Utah; so I made a short tape, sent it off and that was that. I know [director] Nicky Kassel championed the footage and later told me that even though they had expected to go with a giant lump of a guy, as soon as she saw the tape, I was her and Damon’s [series creator Damon Lindelof] choice.

DA: You play as Red scare, who is an interesting character; a Tulsa Police detective who’s a communist and wears a predominantly red outfit. Can you tell us more about this character of yours?
AH: The name red Scare is a carryover from the Cold War alternate universe of the graphic novel. Being of detective rank, red can do his persona. it would appear red is
the loose cannon of the department, and this is interesting for me because although we know little about him, i had to draw my red road map who he is and where is he from. I did this in conjunction with my conversations with Damon. there is little I can divulge other than the brash violent exterior may not be what’s under the mask. is he even Russian?

DA: How does the “Watchmen” TV series compare to Zack Snyder’s 2009 film?
AH: The 2009 movie was a faithful attempt to bring the Gibbons/Moore graphic novel to life on celluloid. Our “Watchmen” originates at the Tulsa race riots of 1921, then plows us through the alternate universe of the 85 novels and spits us out to present-day, with Regina King’s double life and all sorts of other beautiful, profound, bonkers stuff. As a side note, can I just say: Regina King—the greatest. Simple as that.

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DA: If you were a superhero in reality, what would you do? What powers would you like to have?
AH: Other than Dr Manhattan, our heros in “Watchmen” have no superpowers, the human spirit aside. But I’m going to be a cliché and say if I had a superpower, to fly would be top of the list. Although doing a squirrel suit [wingsuit] nowadays and you’re halfway there—if you got the bollocks. invisibility would be naughty. Being smarter than any computer also comes to mind.

DA: We’ve heard that you’re also busy with another HBO production, “Perry Mason.” What can you tell us about that project?
AH: “Perry mason” takes us back to a remarkably evocative time of 1930s Los Angeles. I can’t say much, other than Fritz and Jones, our creators, have gone to the original Erl Stanley Gardner novels. It’s going to be proper. Helmed by the genius Tim van Patton. my old buddy Matthew Rhys plays Perry. top draw ensemble and I’m chuffed to get to work alongside this troop.

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DA: And just when you thought 2019 couldn’t get any better, we heard that you’ll appear in Christopher Nolan’s much-anticipated film “Tenet”— which has been really kept under wraps. did you see this coming? What can we expect to see from you?
AH: “Tenet?” Am I in “tenet?” I have no idea what you’re talking about… [Smiles]

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DA: As a Welsh actor, what is something you have that British actors don’t?
AH: Being Welsh living in America for 15 years, my daughter and elder step kids are American, but I do try and instil in my daughter the notion of HWYL. Look it up!

DA: You’ve made notable appearances in several major productions, but the project that probably has the most star-studded cast was Guy Ritchie’s “Revolver” back in 2005. do you have any particularly memorable moments from doing that movie?

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AH: It seems I’ve always been lucky working with women and have learned so much from them. From Geraldine James, Glenn Close, Elizabeth Banks and now Nicky Kassel and Regina. There are incredible women on “Perry Mason” too.

DA: What’s the best advice that you can give to younger actors?
AH: Advice to a young actor: don’t be competitive. What we do is not a sport. We’re telling a story, collectively. And learn your lines like you’ve been with them on stage for months.

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