Cartier Reopens its Boutique at Plaza Indonesia

After several months of renovations, the maison’s boutique at Jakarta’s most prestigious mall returns with a new look.

As the saying goes, good things come to those who wait. And for the long-standing Cartier boutique, this rings true as the maison rolled out the reopening of its store at Plaza Indonesia on September 14. The boutique heavily references local aesthetics: Warm hues and elegant patterns inspired by Indonesian culture encapsulate the space, in order to provide an unparalleled experience.

Located on the first floor of the prestigious mall, the 195-square meter boutique is designed as a transparent space infused with elegance, which is at the heart of the maison’s DNA. The eye-catching glass façade adorning its exterior creates an open and welcoming atmosphere.

Inside, the boutique is divided into two sections: “feminine” and a “masculine.” The former includes cream-colored elements with gold patina, a glittering modern chandelier and a remarkable bas-relief wall that portrays the iconic Cartier Panthère, surrounded by volcanic mountains and broadleaf evergreen forests—an exotic scenery that recalls some of Indonesia’s most famous natural sights.

On the other hand, the “masculine” section boasts a warmer ambience with a darker palette, and showcases collections that continuously appears on the wall as a digital display—which is the first and only digital iconography display in Southeast Asia—giving visitors a modern and contemporary impression.

Interestingly, the new store also provides a discrete VIP room that invites clients to relax and admire the maison’s timepieces amid extra comfort and privacy. To make it even more special, there are rattan inspired wall lines and furniture that’s upholstered with fabrics that mimic batik patterns.

All in all, with strong touches of Indonesian heritage, and a modern as well as elegant style, it’s safe to say that Cartier’s new boutique successfully retains luxury that is at the core of the maison.