Calvin Klein Underwear Features “Moonlight” Actors for Spring 2017

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION. In such a perfect timing, Calvin Klein releases the new underwear campaign the day after “Moonlight” won the Best Pictures at the Oscars


Ashton Sanders for Calvin Klein Underwear

Calvin Klein is going from strength to strength, and timing is really on their side. From the new creative director Raff Simons making noteworthy changes to their latest fashion campaigns, this global brand has never been so interesting to keep tabs on than now. Even their latest underwear campaign was released on Instagram right after the movie “Moonlight” won the Best Picture award at the Oscars 2017 (the mishap on the winner announcement aside). It proved to be perfect timing as the new campaign, photographed by Raff Simons’ dearest photographer Willy Vanderperre, features four actors from the award-winning drama: Mahershala Ali, Trevante Rhodes, Ashton Sanders and Alex R. Hibbert. It’s a double win, indeed.

See more of the campaign images below:


Alex R. Hibbert for Calvin Klein Underwear

Mahershala Ali for Calvin Klein Underwear

Mahershala Ali for Calvin Klein Underwear

Trevante Rhodes for Calvin Klein Underwear