Calvin Klein Jeans turns utility uniforms into fashions statements

BOLDLY AMERICAN. Remodeled American classics become a celebration of individuality and diversity from Calvin Klein Jeans

Classic jeans have always been an essential part of American culture, both as a timeless utility garment and also as a bold symbol of individualism. This iconic classic has been remodeled in Calvin Klein Jeans’ latest collection for men and women. In essence, these new pieces offer fresh new iterations of what can be called America’s essential utility uniforms to celebrate individuality and diversity—two solid principles that make up the cultural landscape of America.

In this new collection, Calvin Klein Jeans offers a youthful and dynamic perspective that combines classic elements of denim (its various iconic forms, fits and heritage washes) with crisp, clean color fields and stark graphic tones. Other stylistic approaches used for this collection include washing vertical stripes and blocks separately and then piecing them together for added contrast.

The aforementioned play of contrasts also extends to the use of red and yellow saturated denim with different textures and bold colors. These, in turn, reflect the rich iconography of America’s pop and abstract art scenes. No less American is the inclusion of retro varsity styles that pay homage to classic collegiate sports. This particular element is then translated into an olara parka, mac coat, varsity bomber and short denim parka. Naturally, the pieces feature premium Italian fabrics that are further elevated through an interplay of technique, colors and textures, along with print and graphics.

In the end, what Calvin Klein Jeans offer the modern male is a new “uniform”—one that is both audacious and amplified. Whether it’s a red denim trucker worn over a red denim western shirts that show off contrasting pockets, or perhaps blue jersey cotton tank and black straight-fit chinos for a collegiate look, this new collection certainly calls out to those with bold and daring spirits.

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