Bvlgari Reveals Its Global E-Commerce Plan

Enhanced focus on an omnichannel strategy is the essential driver for future growth of the Roman jeweler .

Bvlgari’s journey towards an integrated omnichannel experience started back in the late 2000 with its first e-shop. Ever since, the brand’s e-commerce platform has been entirely redesigned, while the customer care and logistics aspects have grown into major service operations in eight major countries, including the USA, Canada, China, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and Australia.

This year, due to the stay-home policies affected worldwide while luxury shopping at physical boutiques has been put on hold for the time being, Bvlgari is accelerating its worldwide digital expansion with the launch of e-commerce platforms in seven additional countries starting from May 21 until July 29. The new online shops will arrive in this order: Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Italy, France, Korea, Mexico and Brazil.

“E-commerce must be an engaging and exclusive 360 degrees experience, offering the same service of excellence delivered in a Bvlgari boutique. Not to mention the complementarity of the website with the Boutiques in terms of contents and information,” explained Bvlgari’s CEO Jean-Christophe Babin.

Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of Bvlgari

“With COVID-19, our e-shop has become our number one store worldwide with a growth exceeding 100% and we believe it will reinforce its leading position after COVID-19, as it has been an accelerating factor. The key to this success lies in its smooth interconnection with the ‘physical’ boutique and the other digital channels—therefore, in our coherent omnichannel approach and total alignment of Boutiques associates and consumer care advisors,” Babin added.

Furthermore, Bvlgari’s e-commerce platform is further enhanced by 3D product imagery and augmented reality (AR) which allows for enhanced personalization through mobile devices. With the AR experience, customers will be able to superimpose true-to-size images of the brand’s bags into their surroundings for a life-like shopping experience. Plans are also underway to incorporate these revolutionary tech components for jewelry, watches, and other categories within Bvlgari’s catalog, as part of the maison’s ever-evolving digitization plan.