Rebirth of the Iconic 1 Ring

RING WITHIN A RING. World-renowned architect, the late Zaha Hadid left her mark on one of Bulgari’s iconic pieces of jewelry before her untimely death last year

As if to commemorate a year after the untimely passing of the highly-acclaimed female architect Zaha Hadid, Bulgari has recently announced the launch of the re-imaging of its iconic 1 ring. The project began back in 2015 when Bulgari’s chief executive Jean-Christoph Babin wanted to bring something new to the classic design, and so requested the aid of Hadid.

The original design of the Bulgari’s 1 ring was inspired by one of the most famous amphitheaters: The Roman Colosseum. It’s only natural that Babin considered the help of an architect to revamp the style of this iconic piece of jewelry.

Although the ring had undergone several reinterpretations over the years, by incorporating different materials and colors, its key features such as its stacked ring look combined with Bulgari’s tubogas motif and double logo. The new design still features the iconic two flat bands with the Bulgari engraving, but the stacked inner rings have been replaced by a unique design that bears Hadid’s unique touch. The so-called “Queen of Curve” brought her fluid curvature aesthetics to the iconic piece of jewelry, replacing the stacked ring center with wavy strings that give the illusion of fluid metal. Gone are the rigid lines, and in their place are an abstract three-dimensional ornamental work of art that makes it look as if it hovers over the finger, rather than close around it. The re-imaging of the new 1 ring by Bulgari not only creates a bold statement of how a piece of jewelry can be presented, but is also a grand gesture of commemorating the architectural genius that is Zaha Hadid.

The ring is available at Bulgari stores at Plaza Indonesia, Plaza Senayan, Pacific Place and Bulgari Resort Bali.