Bvlgari launch 20th anniversary B.Zero1 Rings

2019 marks the momentous twentieth anniversary of Bvlgari’s iconic B.zero1 collection. Inspired by the Colosseum, Rome’s most magnificent monument, the Italian Maison broke the rules of jewelry design in 1999 to capture the amphitheater’s fluid geometry.

To celebrate its twentieth anniversary, the iconic ring is dressed up to dazzle in the ultimate B.zero1 creation: a 5-band, white gold spiral completely encrusted in sparkling pavé diamonds. The 5-band celebratory ring also comes in yellow gold and solid white gold, like the original 1999 edition, and for the first time in rose gold. All four designs are engraved with “XX Anniversary” on their internal ferrule, marking them as collector’s items and bold accessories for the exceptional people who are larger-than-life, like Bvlgari.

The iconic B.zero1 spiral always begins with ribbons of gold. Through Bvlgari’s ingenious Tubogas method, the long, thin strips are wrapped and interlocked without any soldering, and then capped at the top and bottom with flat rings emblazoned with the BVLGARI BVLGARI logo. The signature logo also enriches the design of the new B.zero1 bangles, restyled for a light wearability, as the body of the bracelets perfectly embraces the wrist, whilst the new thinner structure makes them easy to be stacked together.

In these edgy, rocker-chic editions, classic and modern materials fuse into a bold, contemporary Italian design, and with its quintessential Roman ease, Bvlgari proves once more that the B.zero1 legend endures.