Bvlgari and Save the Children Present Dreams #Madereal

For Bvlgari and Save the Children, dreams start with a vision but it is only through determination, care, and audacity that dreams are made real.

#Madereal is the new theme of Bvlgari and Save the Children’s partnership. It is about giving a voice to those whose lives have been changed because of the initiative.

Jon Kortajarena for Bvlgari & Save the Children #Madereal

Back in 2009, Bvlgari and Save the Children together started to empower children through education. Determination has led them to pursue the same commitment for almost a decade. Save the Children and Bvlgari’s jewelry collection has raised $85 million, and it was led by care. And last but not least, audacity made it clear that education is a right, and not a privilege. And with those three things, dreams can finally be made real.

Bvlgari & Save the Children #Madereal Ring

Since Bvlgari and Save the Children joined forces almost ten years ago, they have successfully raised funds that have been invested in 100 projects in 33 countries, changing lives of more than one million at-risk children and youth through education, emergency response, poverty reduction, and youth empowerment programs. The main goal is to provide access to quality education, and it is targeted to the most vulnerable children who live in areas where natural disaster, armed or political conflict, social exclusion, and poverty put their right to an education at risk—or even destroy it.


Matteo Bocelli for Bvlgari & Save the Children #Madereal

The jewelry collection includes a ring that retails for $560, a bracelet for $580, and a pendant for $620, in which every $100 from each sale goes to the charity.

Now, you can also support the campaign. Visit their official website here.