Bulgari Launches Tea-Scented “Au Thé Noir” Fragrance

Fashion has been inspired by the ’90s era lately; it’s no surprise to see Bulgari looks to its archive to present its latest fragrance, the Eau Parfumée Au Thé Noir


bulgari at the noir


The unisex fragrance takes its inspiration from Bulgari‘s Au Thé Vert, which was first introduced in 1992.

The Au Thé Vert was not your ordinary fragrance, though. It successfully reached its iconic status, thanks to its unique scent, which was derived from green tea leaves.

Today, Jean-Claude Ellena, the same master perfumer who had birthed the Au Thé Vert, has once again interpreted the scent of Yunnan tea leaves to design the Au Thé Noir. Yunnan tea leaves are found specifically in South West China at over 2.000 meters above ground level, so you could imagine the length Bulgari had to go through for this particular fragrance.

The fragrance also contains notes of Damask rose, patchouli and Agarwood. Launched exclusively in June at Neiman Marcus, the fragrance will be available in other select stores starting September this year.