Bulgari Defines the Scent of a Gem

SCENT OF SUCCESS. Aided by the expertise of master perfumer Jacques Cavallier, Bulgari presents the Le Gemme collection of high-end fragrances


Clockwise from top left Tygar with Tiger eye stone; Garanat with Red Garnet; Onekh with Black Onyx; Ambero with Yellow Amber; Gyan with Blue Sapphire; Malakeos with Malachite Stone

How does one define the scent of a gem? To achieve this dream, renowned Italian jeweler Bulgari inducted the expertise of master perfumer Jacques Cavallier to reimagine six precious gemstones in the form of distinctive fragrances. Each scent would then embody the essence of each stone.

The result of this is the new Le Gemme collection from Bulgari, which consists of six prestigious perfumes exclusively for men, namely: Tygar (zesty citrus scent with hints of amber), Malakeos (light rosiness of geranium, fragrant lavender and deep oakmoss), Ambero (calming vetiver with notes of ginger), Gyan (minty scent of patchouli with an after tone of sambac jasmine), Garanat (a combination of rose and incense) and Onekh (dark fragrant agarwood with a sweet notes of honey and saffron). The different fragrances embody a variety elements that will appeal to the various desires of a man.

For a more detailed look at the fragrances in Bulgari’s Le Gemme Men collection and the journey of its making, click here to read the Special Report about the launch event of these amazing fragrances.

Available at Glow Living Beauty, Plaza Indonesia.