Brunello Cucinelli taps Will Chalker to present its Winter Collection

Nature and travel take center stage in the Italian brand’s “Remote Wanderers” campaign

This season, Italian luxury fashion brand Brunello Cucinelli introduces a nautical-themed fashion collection where the blues of the sea are replaced by more winter-y tones of gray along with a decent helping of beige. And to showcase these designs, Brunello Cucinelli tapped into the rugged looks of seasoned model Will Chalker.

The campaign for Brunello Cucinelli’s winter collection is titled “Remote Wanderers” and takes the great outdoors in all its harsh glory as its background. Chalker, together with Belgian model Chai Maximus, showcases pieces such as a suit jacket, knitted hoodie and shearling jacket amid a landscape dominated by fog and boats. This setting, in turn, proves to be perfectly in tune with the collection’s rather muted colors and textures. Capturing the somber but fashionable mood is photographer Alistair Taylor-Young.

On that note, we also invite you to revisit Will Chalker’s previous collaborations with us for two of our DAMAN Style covers in the past, including our virage photo shoot from 2015 and, more recently, for our fall/winter 2019 issue.