Brioni Unveils a New Solidarity Drive

Brioni announces a solidarity initiative to support local communities in the fight against the coronavirus titled ‘‘Filo Rosso’’

Italian brand Brioni has announced that it will stand with the global community in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic by starting the production of filtering face masks to be donated to local communities as part of its ‘‘Filo Rosso’’ (literally “red thread”) initiative. More importantly, the objective of ‘‘Filo Rosso’’ is not limited to tackling immediate emergencies, but also to further strengthen the existing connection with local communities and to put the house’s resources at their service.

Furthermore, a weekly supply of 30,000 masks are created by 60 artisans who joined the initiative as a volunteers. These masks are woven with a special red thread as a symbol of unity with the beneficiaries. ‘‘We wishes to thank all the artisans who are taking part to the project. Because of their dedication, thousands of masks are produced and donated,’’ the brand stated.