Breitling Presents Its Southeast Asia Squad: Marshal Sastra, Cassandra Tan, and Jazeman Jaafar

Swiss watchmaker Breitling started the new decade by introducing its Southeast Asia Squad.

The newly formed Southeast Asia Squad comprises three outstanding individuals including Marshal Sastra from Indonesia, Cassandra Tan from Singapore, and Jazeman Jaafar from Malaysia. The dynamic trio is a befitting example of #squadonamission with their tenacity to defy the norm and a thirst for an extraordinary life.


In the unique Southeast Asia Squad, each member has made remarkable waves in their field of expertise. Representing Breitling’s universe—Air, Land and Sea, Marshall is an adventure documentary host and experienced skydiver, Jazeman a professional racing driver and Cassandra is a competitive wakesurfer.

Regarded as inspirational leaders in their elements, the squad members are true advocates of Breitling’s D.N.A. as men and women of style, purpose and action.


Enthralled by the beautiful landscape of the Indonesian archipelago, Marshall spends his time venturing into some of the most remote and unknown corners. From diving in the deep seas, to paragliding over mountain ridges, he is a true explorer and adventurer at heart. His passion for exploration makes the model and actor the prime choice to host travel and adventure documentary “My Trip, My Adventure” for 5 years running now. The sky- diving professional and award-winning T.V. host continues to inspire many to witness the beauty in exploring the great outdoors.


A true dynamic, new generation woman determined to live out her passions, Cassandra holds a diversified portfolio, with bold ventures in unprecedented fields. As Founder and Director of byCaxs, she created a cult following with her own line of quality contact lenses. Eyes were on her when she took up wakesurfing, further inspiring women to try out what was once a male-dominated sport. Today Cassandra represents Singapore regionally in competitive wakesurfing and is poised to continue creating impressive waves in all her pursuits.


One of the most talented and promising racing drivers to watch in Asia, Jazeman has established himself to be a highly skilled and experienced professional racing driver. He has displayed true tenacity and grit taking pole position for many World Championship Endurance Series races. As an affirmation of his incredible drive serving as inspiration to many aspiring youths, Jazeman earned his spot as Executive Director on the board of Sepang International Circuit (SIC) by the Youth and Sport Ministry of Malaysia.


Whilst varied in profession, what unites them is the next generation belief to challenge the ordinary for an incredible new age adventure. This unified passion gave birth to #thetimeisnow campaign. The campaign encourages dreamers to act and not let the fear of the unknown delay tomorrow’s successes; because the time is now.

Set in the wonderous U.A.E., Dubai, Breitling Southeast Asia #squadonamission takes on incredible Air, Land and Sea adventures showcasing the most excellent timepieces from the Navitimer, Superocean Heritage and Premier collections. The squad members show what it means to take the lead in creating your adventures with style, purpose and action.


Breitling was first introducing its squad in March 2018, where gifted actors such as Brad Pitt, Charlize Theron, Adam Driver, and Daniel Wu have become the first members. Rooted in the dynamic values of Breitling – action, purpose, and pioneering spirit – this concept focuses on the bond created between people brought together by a shared endeavor and commongoal, and will be presented in Breitling’s advertising campaigns.

“At Breitling, we believe in the power of a team, the strength of a group, and the mutual identification of a common target, which ultimately leads to success,” says Georges Kern, the C.E.O. of Breitling.