Breaking The Limit: Exclusive Interview with Marcus Law

London-based model Marcus Law talks about how everything happens for a reason and how he initially stepped into the profession

Believe it or not, there is no such thing as coincidence in the universe where Marcus Law lives. Destiny brought him into the world of fashion, the world he initially did not give much thought to at all. Law was pursuing a career in sports when something unexpected happened and changed his life course. We were so lucky to get to know him as he discloses the story of his love affair with modeling and aspirations.

Outfit and boots by Versace

DAMAN: Can you tell us how your modeling career started?
Marcus Law: I was scouted a couple of times in the street, however at the time I was pursuing a career in rugby. It was never on my radar to make modeling my full-time job. After playing semi-professional and national age group rugby, I was involved in a near-death car accident, fracturing my spine, tearing my ACL and dislodging multiple bones in my body. To regain my strength I trained incredibly hard, where I was approached again by Rawconnects whom I instantly connected with and the rest is history.

DA: What was it about modeling that initially sparked your interest?
ML: There was nothing that initiallysparked my interest, I had always seen models in books or online. As a child, everyone aspires to be a model or look like one, but it wasn’t until I stepped in front of a camera on the first photo shoot that I completely fell in love. I feel at home in front of the camera and incredibly comfortable. I feel and have been told multiple times this is the reason why the images, I am a part of, have warmth and a better feel to the photos that are published of me.

DA: What was it that eventually made you decide to become a professional model?
ML: The sheer comfortability in front of the camera. Modeling is genuinely my dream job and I am incredibly grateful every day that this is my profession.

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DA: When you first started modeling professionally, what were some of the biggest challenges you faced?
ML: In terms of having photos taken of me I didn’t face too many challenges as I was so comfortable. However, behind the scenes being told to change your body, and being hyper-criticized for any acne, body hair or weight that didn’t fit the industry was a challenge. But I’ve always had thick skin so they didn’t phase me too much. Looking back I’m glad I heard those criticisms, as it has made me a much more defined model and enhanced my look.

DA: During your early years as a model, what did you consider the hardest parts of the job to get used to?

ML: During the start of my career,traveling from shoot to shoot wasthe hardest part of the job. Now in my opinion it’s one of the biggest perks of the job. At the time of publishing in the last 3 months I have traveled to seven different countries and ten more different cities. It has allowed me to see the world and gain experiences I never thought I would.

DA: What were the things that you picked up immediately?
ML: I love the flow whilst being on set. I am very comfortable being artistic, moving in different shapes and angles to create these editorial eye-catching shots. To the pace of working on a campaign or e-commerce where you may have to shoot 80+ looks a day. It does help that I very much enjoy both styles.

Tracksuit by Wales Bonner x adidas

“I have always been an incredibly confident person, so returning to this line of work (acting) would be another challenge or dream of mine.”

DA: What would you say is your biggest asset or advantage as a professional model?
ML: I’m an incredibly hard worker and will always exceed expectations to get the job done. I have worked laboring and office jobs before, so I know how privileged and fortunate I am to be in this position. I will never take anything for granted.

DA: All in all, what would you say are the most important attributes that a professional model needs to be noticed?
ML: Everything happens for a reason. If you are destined to be a model, it will come. Of course, you can still do things to enhance your chances of being scouted or to take your career further, such as being confident in front of a camera, increasing your people skills, learning and practicing new poses and building a large following on Instagram and other social media.

DA: Does having a strong following on social media play a big role in your career?
ML: In my career, I do not think so. Maybe one day it will but as of yet, I feel clients book me for my look and personality rather than having hundreds of thousands of followers across different social media platforms.

DA: What’s your secret to staying in shape?
ML: There’s no secret, as I’m sure everyone has been told multiple times. It genuinely comes down to consistency and dedication. For me, it comes naturally. I’ve always loved sports and have played at a national level in multiple disciplines such as Track and Rugby. So the idea of hard work is fortunately embedded in my brain and I enjoy working hard in all aspects of life including exercise.

Underwear by Balmain

DA: What does a normal day look like for you?
ML: I wake up around 8 am and will meditate for 5 minutes. I follow this by working on my phone, replying to messages etc. I will then eat breakfast, consisting of porridge. Then my favorite part of the day comes— going to the gym. This may consist of weights, Muay Thai, Boxing, or simply a run. I will then return home to either get ready for a modeling shoot or to create content for my social media platforms. Towards the end of the day, I always practice Spanish (which I’m getting rather good at) and read the two books I have on the go at that particular time – one fiction and one nonfiction.

DA: What do you want to accomplish next? Are there any particular brands, photographers, campaigns, etc. that you would like to work with?
ML: I have incredibly big goals for my modeling career and there are certainly a lot of brands and photographers that I would love to work with – Calvin Klein, Armani,  Dsquared, Versace, Tom Ford, Next and many more.

Biker jacket by Tommy Hilfiger

DA: Through the years, we’ve often talked to models who have or are  trying to transition into acting. Is this something that you’ve ever considered?
ML: Absolutely. I used to act and perform on stage in my younger years. I have always been an incredibly confident person so returning to this line of work would be another challenge or dream of mine. I love watching series and movies on TV and aspire to be like these actors. I secretly know I would be good for a lot of these roles.

DA: When you’re not busy with  shoots, shows and work, how do  you usually spend your time? What  are you passionate about outside  of work?
ML: I’m very grateful that my work is my passion. I absolutely love being on set and meeting such amazing people. If I could work on set every day I genuinely would. Outside of modelling, any outdoor physical activities such as hiking, surfing, skiing, cycling or anything that will raise my adrenaline levels are what I tend to fill my time with. Of course, I love my family and when I’m visiting England I will make sure to see them as much as I possibly can, whilst keeping them up to date through WhatsApp when I’m away.

Underwear by Versace

DA: What is your number one source of motivation?
ML: Success! I have always wanted to over-achieve in life. With this comes happiness and freedom. This line of work allows me to continue to push forward. I also want more than anything to make my family proud and have the ability to take care of them later on in life. These are thereasons why I consistently push myself to work so hard.

Outfit by Versace
Outfit by Diesel

Biker jacket by Tommy Hilfiger; Underwear by Diesel
Outfit by Versace
Outfit by Diesel
Outfit by Diesel
Underwear by Balmain

Special thanks to Jake James at RCM