Braun Büffel Roams Mexico for Spring/Summer 2017

MEXICAN DELIGHTS. Braun Büffel roams past the grounds of old Mesoamerican ruins and traverses into the jungles and coastlines of Mexico. Saradeta Sinaga reports from Singapore


Playa backpack

Braun Büffel has made quite a reputation for itself through leather goods with straightforward functionality and uncompromising workmanship. For the past few seasons, however, the brand has infused more and more fashionable elements into their collections, particularly by introducing more colors and shapes. This has definitely proved to be a great move for the brand, making it more fashion-forward and much more appealing to a younger and fashionable crowd.


Viva México

Last November, Braun Büffel held a private preview of their spring/summer 2017 collection at The Refinery, Singapore. The ever-revolving collections have constantly highlighted one destination after another, and, this time around, it’s Mexico that takes the spotlight. To be exact, this season, Braun Büffel was inspired by the exotic landscapes and ancient architectures of Mexico, which resulted in a collection that quaintly captured the vibrant heritage of Mexican culture.

Chucho Cactus backpack


Quite appropriately, this season’s collection also presents the luminosity of bright, vibrant colors influenced by the works of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. If anything, this touch of indigenous art sets the new Braun Büffel collection as the perfect stylistic canvas for ebullient summer sophistication. While the women’s collection evokes youthfulness with graceful elegance and bohemian glamour, the men’s collection boasts contemporary masculine aestheticism inspired by the notion of travel. Complete with immaculate details parallel to the colonial structures in Mexico, the collection is an ode to the nomadic gentleman who has a penchant for adventure.

The theme of the season was also translated into striking prints, which are exclusive to this spring/summer 2017 collection. Case in point, the Navajo print for the men’s collection. This is actually a collective interpretation of geometric forms melded with enchanting colors, each echoing a vivacious legend or fable. In terms of style, the Navajo collection speaks of rugged masculinity and unparalleled resilience throughout a variety of products, ranging from small leather goods, small backpacks, sling bags to even tote bags.

Interestingly, a familiar face from the house—the Buffy and Bully series—received an intriguing update. Following this season’s Mexican theme, the Buffy and Bully characters (a feminine and masculine reimagining, respectively, of Braun Büffel’s buffalo logo) are pictured performing the Jarabe Tapatío, better known as the Mexican Hat Dance. Furthermore, the Bully (in the men’s collection, of course) is seen wearing a traditional sombrero and a handlebar mustache. Dressed in the traditional outfit of the Mexican charro, this season’s Bully becomes an ode to the modern man looking for a fun accessory to pair with his wardrobe.


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