Brandon Flynn returns in Calvin Klein’s heartwarming Holiday Campaign

The brand renowned for its iconic branding once again encapsulates the spirit of the season, with blend of classic style and modern trends, along with the familiar face of American actor Brandon Flynn

As the year draws to a close and the holiday season approaches, Calvin Klein eagerly embraces the festivities. Brandon Flynn takes the spotlight in Calvin Klein’s Holiday 2023 campaign, evoking fond memories of his earlier collaboration for the brand’s Pride campaign. Flynn’s presence brings a sense of comfort and resonates with viewers in a truly captivating manner.

Through a series of portraits, Flynn introduces us to Calvin Klein’s Holiday collection, offering a tantalizing glimpse of what fashion enthusiasts can expect this winter. The highlight of the collection undoubtedly lies in the rich black denim, commanding attention with its classic jeans and shirts that effortlessly exude casual sophistication. The timeless appeal and raw charm of denim make it a natural choice for the holiday season, providing comfort without compromising on style.

In a seamless blend of tradition and innovation, the signature Calvin Klein underwear undergoes a festive transformation. The new styles are sleek and feature a color palette that mirrors the holiday season—think mineral tones reminiscent of the serene beauty of a winter landscape. Photographer James Brodribb skillfully captures Flynn in moments that radiate the joy and coziness of the holiday season.

Once again, Calvin Klein demonstrates its ability to capture the essence of the season while staying true to its distinctive style. With Brandon Flynn leading the way, this holiday campaign promises to be a celebration of warmth and joy.