Book: Cult Appeal

CULT APPEAL. Tracing down the roots from its humble beginning as the American workwear to its pinnacle as a worldwide phenomenon, author Josh Sims breaks down the components of streetwear in labels like Adidas and X-Large.


Encompassing thirty of the most influential streetwear brands from the 1980s to the present, Cult Streetwear (Laurence king Publishing) puts a magnifying glass on the people behind the brands and the relationship between advertising, art and music with urban style. More than a fashion movement, Sims’ analysis delves deep into streetwear’s cultural resonance and on how each brand’s distinctly carved target market leads to cult-like followings, leaving limitless scopes for creativity and filling a gaping hole in the fashion market.



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David Bowie


A visual memoir of an out-of-this-world musical persona, David Bowie: Album by Album (Insight Editions) documents the androgynous musician’s 27 albums throughout his 40-year career. The bulky volume displays Bowie’s experiments in incorporating diverse elements like pop and rock, or theatre and art into his music and performances.


Ivy Style

Going beyond the vine-covered gates of Yale, Harvard and Princeton, Ivy Style: Radical Conformists (Yale University Press) is an in-depth review of the history of the collegiate style and its influence over contemporary fashion designers such as Ralph Lauren, Michael Bastian and Thom Browne. Wardrobe staples and renowned figures exemplifying the style also made their way into the volume.


Helmut Newton Polaroids

Helmut Newton: Polaroids (Taschen) offers a behind-the-scenes look of some of Newton’s famous photographs. With personal touches like the legendary photographer’s scribbles and notes, flipping through the pages of Polaroids is a voyeuristic experience, much like looking into a keyhole and catching the models in the most compromising position.