Bon Chon comes to Indonesia

The legend of BonChon lives on and now it’s come around the world to Jakarta. Started in Busan and made famous in New York, the unique Korean-style, double-fried chicken at BonChon Chicken (Grand Indonesia mall; 62-21/235-8009) is something for your taste buds to truly behold.

The first BonChon in Indonesia, despite being in a mall, is still rather hip. The chicken, though it’s fried twice, is supposedly quite healthy because such a frying technique “melts the excess fat off the chicken.” Regardless, it sure is melt-in-your-mouth delectable and is never frozen.

The chicken is hand-brushed with secret Korean marinades passed down through generations. But one thing they do reveal is that the marinade has some pure fruit extract in it. Now we’re intrigued. Serving not only their original chicken, they also do a very nice mochi ice cream. It’s not fine dining and it’s not exactly fast food, it’s just a real good place to get some pungent Korean-style chicken.

In addition to the Grand Indonesia outlet, they currently have several more in Greater Jakarta, including CityWalk Sudirman, Gandaria City mall, Living World Alam Sutera, Tangerang and in Supermal Karawaci, Tangerang.