BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930

The new BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930 is a revolutionary BlackBerry with a touch-screen display.

In an effort to hold its market share in the face of stiff competition (namely, iOS- and Android-based devices), BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930 has reinvented the Bold with a touch screen. Aesthetically, the phone maintains a familiar form factor in comparison to its predecessor.

Take a closer look and you’ll be delighted to find, not a total hardware overhaul, but thoughtful design innovation. It sports a brilliant and spacious display with touch-interface capability along with their industry-leading QWERTY keyboard.

A touch screen is nice, but a truly satisfying typing experience requires the tactile feedback that only a physical keyboard can offer. It’s a two-for-one feature and the professional appeal remains present; this is one for you business execs at any level.

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