BIASA’s Seasonless Summer Range is Next Level

Sophisticated, elegant, and fluid are the three words to describe BIASA’s latest inspired by nature collection.

The collection explores a contrasting color palette of soft pastels such as lilac, opal, sun and new sky. At the same time, the collection also features stronger tones like ginger, orient blue, army green, stone, and smoke in shades of gray.

Hand knitted macramé details adorn selected style, while block printed dots and handmade applique bar tack stitch details adds a more touch to the sophistication. Meanwhile, the digital motifs bring life to free-flowing shapes and forms.

All pieces are made in signature light and flowing fabrics such as linen, cotton organdy and cotton muslin for each piece to feel soft, ethereal and light.

BIASA Summer 2019 collection is available for purchase through BIASA’s Jakarta and Bali store, or via its website on