Beyond the Edge: Take a Look at TAG Heuer’s Special Campaign for the New Aquaracer Professional 300

Dedicated to fearless, style-conscious watch lovers who push their limits.

The New Aquaracer Professional 300 collection

Avant-garde Swiss watch brand TAG Heuer unveiled the new generation model of its iconic Aquaracer collection during this year’s Watches and Wonders Geneva event. Titled the Aquaracer Professional 300, the watch comes with a striking and instantly recognizable aesthetic, including the updated Aquaracer collection’s six signature features. Perhaps unsurprisingly, TAG Heuer has also gone beyond the edge with a new campaign video highlighting this new horological wonder.

Shot by young Swiss lmmaker Jonas Egi,the campaign features American waterman and long-standing TAG Heuer ambassador Kai Lenny, freediving champion and videographer Julie Gautier along with diver Robin George. In this film, the brand showcases a journey into transcendent ocean depths, following the aforementioned free divers, surfers and cliff divers on the crest of a giant wave, in the blue depths of the ocean and ying through the air as they conquer their own fears to find themselves.

TAG Heuer long-standing ambassador Kai Lenny
Freediving champion Julie Gauthier

In an explosion of saturated colors and vibrant energy, the campaign sublimates the art and power of extreme water sports with all of these three outstanding athletes explore their very own limits.

George Ciz, TAG Heuer’s Chief Marketing Officer shares that the idea behind the campaign is to take the customer on a journey beyond the edge of extreme sports. “We want to inspire our audience by highlighting those special moments when world class athletes go beyond their limits and enter new dimensions. In doing so we are also able to showcase the incredible qualities of the new Aquaracer range,” he explains.

Cliff diver Robin George

If anything, the campaign undoubtedly highlights a timeless and universal commitment in a message that is more meaningful than ever. These extreme sport scenes— filmed in Nice, France, as well as Nazaré, Portugal and Hawaii— showcase a new perception of performance and a spiritual experience that isn’t exclusive to champions. It’s about moving beyond our comfort zone to achieve the very best version of ourselves.

“The campaign sublimates the art and power of extreme water sports with all of these three outstanding athletes explore their very own limits”

“It’s about pushing myself beyond the limit, attempting to reach my full potential,” Kai Lenny adds his take on the message of the campaign. “Beyond the edge is that extreme point in time when there’s no way back, where you’re 100-percent committed and you have no option but to believe in yourself—totally.”

Julie Gauthier’s preparation to go beyond the limit

On a more essential note, the introduction of the Aquaracer Professional 300 collection marks a new chapter in TAG Heuer’s luxury tool watch story. Highly-appreciated by active, style- conscious watch lovers who push their limits, it emerges with a bright new look, new materials and a new lease of life as it sets a new high- water mark for ergonomic, extreme-performance mechanical watches.

The New Aquaracer Professional 300 collection took a plunge into the depths of the ocean

On top of that, designed for work and play, and to soak up nature’s harshest challenges, the Aquaracer Professional 300 is a pure symbol of the brand’s fearless, avant-garde spirit. And with the collection’s bold campaign and a thorough groundbreaking examination of what it takes to truly push beyond the edge, TAG Heuer reaffirms its endless quest for challenge, paying tribute to the mental strength we all have inside us.