Best Luxury Hats for Spring/Summer 2019

Brighter, warmer and all-around better weather is upon us. That means all the coats and sweaters and scarves goes back into the closet, and out comes the light, thin and effortless wears!

Yet, let’s not forget that brighter also means you are exposed to the sun more than during FW. Other than the obvious protections like sunblock cream or sunglasses, why not take the style a notch with a luxury headgear? We found four that would be perfect.


Prada Nylon Visor

It may look 1990s golf course or 2000s MTV, but Prada is bringing the visor back. Pitch black nylon with the brand’s mini version of the classic triangle emblem plaque attached front and center. Classy.


Burberry Monogram Bandana Cap

Basically a regular baseball cap, but made of silk. And instead of adjustment straps on the back, you got an extended bandana style that you can tie up. Add to that the updated Burberry monogram all over, it’s perfection.


Gucci GG Raffia

Get your floral shirt, bermuda pants and rubber flip flops ready, because Gucci has something for you. This summer, they offered a wide and low brimmed hat made of raffia that are meticulously embroidered with their monogram.


Fendi Zucca Bandana

Looks similar to Burberry’s (down to their monogram patterned surface,) but it doesn’t really follow the baseball cap template – having a lower front bill and curved peak. Also, the “bandana” part makes most of the hat and very loose.