Best-Dressed Men of Cannes 2017

INTERNATIONAL CELEBRITY FESTIVAL. The 70th annual Cannes Film Festival has come and gone, and we sought through all the fashion to present you the best in men’s fashion from the 11-day event

Will Smith, one of this year’s panel of distinguished judges

Marking its 70th year of awarding the best in cinema from around the world, the Cannes Film Festival has grown from a simple award show to a grand event spanning over a week, featuring red carpet events, fashion shows, movie screenings and various other celebrity gatherings. Held in May every year, during the height of summer, the public is always treated to an array of fashion and glamor. And with the festival going on for 11 day, you can only imagine the amount of high-fashion and style that passed through the streets of the French Riviera this year.

We have compiled a number of gentlemen that were present at this year’s Cannes Film Festival’s various events, to bring you our recommendation for the best-dressed men.

Jake Gyllenhaal in Tom Ford

Jake Gyllenhaal with co-star Lily Collins

There’s just something about a man in a neatly kept beard and a nicely tailored suit that helps him stand out in the crowd. Jake Gyllenhaal’s beard, and sleek hair seem perfectly fitting in a Tom Ford tux.

Paul Dano in Tom Ford

Paul Dano sandwiched between Lily Collins and Tilda Swinton

Not only starring in the same movie, it seems Paul Dano has also chosen to be styled by the same stylist. Here are the two buddy actors both looking suave on the red carpet for the movie “Okja”

Colin Farrell in Dior Homme

Colin Farrell with co-star Nicole Kidman

Losing the facial hair that he wore in his upcoming film “The Killing of a Sacred Deer,” Colin Farrell looks absolutely dapper in a Dior Homme tuxedo. His sleeked back hair is enough to maintain his bad boy persona.

Jeremy Renner in Dior Homme

The summer style around the French Riviera seems to be sleek hair and a nicely tailored suit as we can see Jeremy Renner sporting a beautifully tailored tuxedo by Dior Homme on the red carpet for the movie “The Square”.

Robert Pattinson in Dior Homme

Robert Pattinson (left) looking suave in a three-piece tux by Dior Homme

It also seems that Dior Homme is the chosen brand for many celebrities on the red carpet this year as we see Dior Homme’s muse Robert Pattinson sporting a three piece tuxedo. But he seems to have dropped the sleek hair look.

Adrien Brody

It was difficult to choose one exact look that Adrien Brody looked best in during this year’s Cannes Film Festival, but after whiling it down, we decided on this all-black look that he wore to the amfAR gala. He made the look more dashing with the addition of a black evening scarf and typical scruffy Brody hair style.

Steven Yeun

Cannes isn’t all about glamorous red carpet events, it also has events where celebrities can let their casual side show. Here is Steven Yeun in black a T-shirt-and-trouser look which is topped with a navy blazer. He must have got some fashion pointers from his co-stars from movie “Okja” Jake Gyllenhaal and Paul Dano.

David Beckham

Although many seemed to be more focused on the football player’s samurai-inspired man-bun hairdo, we couldn’t but be captivated by David Beckham‘s black tuxedo when he showed up to the amfAR Gala.

Louis Garrel in Lanvin

Louis Garrel sandwiched between Marion Cotillard (left) and Charlotte Gainsbourg (right)

Louis Garrel’s style on the red carpet just goes to show why women find French men irresistible. Here the French actor and filmmaker is dressed in an all-black Lanvin suit and adorned by Marion Cotillard and Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Lewis Hamilton in Gucci

Where there’s a fashion show, you’re sure to find Lewis Hamilton in the front row. As expected the F1 Racer was present at Cannes’ “Fashion for Relief” event, and came suited in a Gucci bomber jacket.

Alex Sharp in Alexander McQueen

Alex Sharp (right) with co-star Elle Fanning (left)

We just had to mention Alex Sharp wearing this punk rock-inspired Alexander McQueen jacket with its colorful patches. It seems as though he was channeling the punk-rock theme of his movie, “How to Talk to Girls at Parties.”