Best Dressed Men at 2017 MTV Movie Awards

LOSE THE SUITS. Unlike other fancy red carpet award shows, the MTV Movie Awards has always been more laid-back, but the stars always find a way to put their best style forward

The MTV Movie & TV Awards red carpet was literally lit

Since its inception back in 1992, the MTV Movie Awards has always been different from your typical movie-based award show, focusing on categories that you wouldn’t commonly come across, such as best kiss, best villain, best tearjerker and even best fight. Only until 2007 did a red carpet for the event even exist as previous award shows focused more on the stage performances and awards, rather than the celebrities-selling power. Shaking things up this year, the award show also changed its name to be MTV Movie & TV Awards, now awarding celebrities of the big screen as well as those of the small screen.

As mentioned before, the MTV Awards red carpet wasn’t a vocal point of the event, and because of this, celebrities formed a more casual dress code to attending the event. As the red carpet began getting coverage, stars began to hit the red carpet in more stylish outfits, while maintaining a relaxed outlook. The MTV Movie Awards is probably the only place where you’ll see stars dressed down in shirts and T-shirts, expressing a look that you might more often see them on the street. Despite this there are always those stars that can still look handsomely good, however laid-back they try to look. Here is DA MAN’s pick at some of the best-dressed men at this year’s MTV Movie & TV Awards.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Gucci

Aaron Taylor-Johnson (right) in an awesome Gucci bomber jacket

Where else can you wear a plain white T-shirt on the red carpet of a major awards show other than the MTV Movie Awards. Aaron Taylor-Johnson adds a touch of glamour to his look by wearing an embroidered bomber Jacket by Gucci.

Trevor Noah

Comedian Trevor Noah may actually look a little over-dressed in a suit compared to the others on the MTV Awards red carpet. Despite that he still looks casually sophisticated and walked away with the golden popcorn for the best TV host.

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