Berluti Launch An Essential Biker’s Leather Collection

FULL THROTTLE – Berluti embraces the cool spirit of classic biking styles to—quite literally—go off the road with a new accessory collection

Cool bikes and leather gear have always gone hand in hand. now, while typical biker attire tends to lean more towards well-worn and rugged, it definitely embodies the cool aspect of biking culture. For this season, Berluti has elevated that rough image with its aptly named Off the Road Collection.

Off the Beaten Path

Of course, this is not the first time that Berluti has presented a collection that goes beyond its usual offerings. There was the Parisian house’s collaboration with custom bicycle manufacturer Cycles Victoire back in 2014, a collaboration with furniture maker Ceccotti Collezioni a couple of years ago as well as the Berluti pour Krug project from last year. For this year’s Off the Road collection, however, things are done in house. and it clearly shows.

First and foremost, there’s Berluti’s famed leather—sourced from northern France, tanned in Verona and then placed in the hands of the brand’s master craftsmen. As can be expected from Berluti, each article in the Off the Road collection is handcrafted from a single piece of luxurious Vitello Fiore leather to ensure an extremely soft and sensual texture.

A particular aspect of biker gear that becomes a highlight in this new accessory range is the quilted jacket. Designed primarily for protection through extra padding, the distinctive diamond pattern of these garments become the main visual feature of the collection. A deep patina adds that extra touch of luxury intermingled with rugged elegance, while the combination of sleek textures and quilted, double-stitched details gives the collection its modern lines and comfortable feel.

So, what, exactly, can a gentleman of discerning tastes and a biker’s soul find in this collection? Well, Off the Road has everything you need to deck yourself from head to toe—literally, that is. On that note, let’s take a closer look at some of the individual items making up the Off the Road collection:


A small wallet crafted, as mentioned earlier, from a single piece of Vitello Fiore leather and designed to snuggly fit inside the pockets of a jacket or trousers. This is definitely a must-have fashion essential for the season.


A best-selling model, this pouch is notable for its array of interior compartments to hold coins, notes or cards. a full-length zip and two gussets provide easy access to the interior.

Nino XL

As the name implies, this is an Xl variation of the iconic Nino pouch. On the inside, it can easily carry a tablet or a4-sized documents.

There’s also an internal padded compartment to keep your smaller electronic devices.

Volume MM

Bikers looking at a long trip and intending to carry more than what could be fitted inside a pouch might want to consider this medium sized-backpack. of course, the Volume MM also has a padded compartment inside for the safekeeping of gadgets.


Unlike most of the other pieces in the Off the Road collection, this weekender bag is made from two large pieces of leather. Perfect for a long trip, no matter if it involves a bike or not.


Masculine and chic, this nifty cross-body bag comes sports a leather shoulder strap and a large buckle with a double ardillon.

Leather Blouson

No biker’s ensemble would be complete without a leather jacket. This one is lined in shearling and features raglan sleeves, geometrical lines along the front and back.

Off the Road

These Norwegian-style boots perfectly showcases what the collection is all about: How the timeless charm of classic biker boots manages to go hand in hand with Berluti’s tradition of bespoke leather.

Shoe Saver

This piece of removable Venezia leather can be fitted on a shoe to help preserve it from scratches and wear as you switch gears.

Berluti x Veldt Leather Helmet

Perhaps the most prominent part of the Off the Road collection, this one-of-a-kind ultralight helmet was created in collaboration with Veldt, a new and exciting headgear brand. The helmet consists of a light but strong carbon fiber shell covered in Berluti’s iconic scritto pattern along with touches of Venezia leather on the edges. Moreover, the helmet can easily be converted from a jet model to full face and comes with a wide selection of accessories, including a shield, visor and leather eyeshade.

With its extensive range and indisputable quality, Berluti’s Off the Road collection really has everything that a biker with fine tastes might need for adventures both on and off the road. All that’s missing is the bike.