Berluti Jour leather collection in vibrant hues for fall/winter 2023

This fall/winter season, Berluti infused four new colors into its jour leather good collection, breathing new life into a symphony of contrasting hues

Patination is a delicate art that demands subtlety and precision. In that way, Berluti’s art of patina exemplifies the house’s dedication to craftsmanship, attention to detail and the pursuit of excellence. This highly sought-after feature sets the brand’s shoes apart as symbols of luxury, artistry and individuality. Patina, of course, refers to the soft sheen that develops on materials like metal and leather over time, showcasing the effects of aging and use in a way that is aesthetically pleasing. Olga Berluti, the granddaughter of brand founder Alessandro Berluti, is the mastermind behind Berluti’s patina techniques. She perfected the coloring and bleaching process used by the brand back in the 1980s, resulting in a gleaming finish akin to Japanese lacquer.

Olga Berluti believed that the most beautiful shoes look worn, but in a way that showcases the natural wear of color. These shoes, in her words, possessed a soul. To enhance their soulful charm, she introduces a stunning palette of colors, breaking away from the conventional black and brown shades that were common at that time.

For fall/winter 2023, Berluti chose four historical colors from its patina book to showcase in the collection, seamlessly integrating them with the existing tones of the iconic Jour leather goods line. The chosen hues for the season— Grapes, Mimosa, Opuntia and Osso—each possess a distinct vibe, effortlessly combining a timeless spirit with a vibrant energy.

“The chosen hues for the season possess a distinct vibe, effortlessly combining a timeless spirit with a vibrant energy”

Inspired by the hedonism and opulence of red wine, Grapes takes us to the mystery-tinged atmosphere of a gentleman’s club. With deep roots in Berluti’s DNA, this captivating color takes center stage across the Jour bag collection. From the timeless Premier Jour cross-body bag to the sophisticated E’Mio Scritto briefcase and the new Taglio line—including the Un Jour, Nino and Jour Off styles—Grapes’ presence is marked with distinctive cut-outs, which lend an exquisite depth to the patina.

Just in time for the fall collection’s arrival, Mimosa pays homage to the rare few flowers that bloom during the colder months. The delicate blossom’s subtle, honey-like and luxurious yellow hue inspired a bright patina, gracing the Un Jour Scritto Swipe briefcase and the Premier Jour Gulliver cross-body bag.

Osso’s transparent patina unveils the leather’s innate characteristics

Next up is Opuntia, named after the distinctive pear cactus native to the Americas. The hue embraces an intense green color that’s daring and versatile, perfect for cold winter months. It adorns the Scritto Jour styles, including the Toujours Mini and XS totes, the Premier Jour Mini cross-body bag and the Nino clutch. Additionally, it makes a bold appearance on the Scritto Swipe version of Un Jour, E’Mio Gulliver and the Working Day backpack.

And lastly, we have Osso, a delicate ivory shade with golden undertones. Inspired by raw natural elements, Osso’s transparent patina unveils the leather’s innate characteristic, showcasing remarkable craftsmanship and material quality. Look for it on the Toujours XS Scritto and Gulliver Scritto totes, where it exudes understated elegance.

The new patina leather goods will be globally available in Berluti stores and its online shop from July to November 2023, as the house invites fans worldwide to indulge in the allure of these exquisite creations.

Variations of the new hues applied to the Jour leather goods line