Berluti adopts Brian Rochefort’s aesthetics in its Summer 2021 collection

Kris Van Assche creates a visual dialogue ceramic artist Brian Rochefort for the brand’s current seasonal offerings

Berluti’s Summer 2021 collection is a result of a dialogue between Artistic Director Kris Van Assche and ceramic artist Brian Rochefort. Inspired by volcanoes and exotic plants, Rochefort’s exuberant signature blends intuitively with the augmented natural texture and color language of Berluti.

A passionate ceramics collector, Van Assche’s vision is continually informed by the textures and colors related to ceramic art. This, in turn, draws natural parallels to the patina methods practiced by Berluti’s own artisans in Italy. In Rochefort’s oeuvre—an experimental and progressive force in the ceramic arena—Van Assche identifies a common thread with the sartorial dialogue between tradition and change embodied by Berluti.

For a more in-depth discussion about this creative collaboration, check out the video below: