Be the First to Get DA MAN Style Spring/Summer 2017 Issue

SPRING STYLING. The seasons have changed and so does fashion. Find out the essentials for spring/summer 2017 and discover the new faces hitting the runways of the fashion world

What’s Inside:

.          Discover how one simple social media photo was able to change Matthew Nozka’s path into modeling

.          Uncover a roundup of this season’s coolest must-have fashion essentials and how to match them perfectly

.          Find fashion’s freshest faces mostly featured on the current season’s campaigns

.          Exclusive interviews with some of fashion’s biggest names, from Tomas Maier, Giuseppe Zanotti, Jason Basmajian, Andreas Gran to Silvia Venturini Fendi

.           All this and many more trending style news highlighting the latest and greatest of summer/spring 2017

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