Be the First to Get DA MAN February/March 2017 Issue

NEW SEASON, NEW STYLE. DA MAN February/March 2017 is bringing you a dose of young Hollywood celebrities and Indonesian talents who are showcasing both their wits and style in the exclusive feature articles

What’s Inside:

·         Brenton Thwaites talks about his journey in “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell no Tales” and the future of his career

·         Kyle Allen steps into the limelight with his out-of-the-box performance in Hulu’s “The Path”

·         As “How to Get Away with Murder” season three continues on TV, we chat with Jack Falahee about his critically-acclaimed performance in the series

·         The lovely Camila Mendes shares the story of her acting debut in “Riverdale”

·         Oka Antara, Lukman Sardi, Ganindra Bimo and Baim Wong uncovers the story behind this year’s highly-anticipated “Moammar Emka’s Jakarta Undercover”

·         Indonesian starlet Cinta Laura Kiehl discloses what it really takes to make it big in Hollywood

·         Along with dozens of pages of news, style essentials and exclusive fashion photography highlighting the best trends of spring

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