Baxter of California’s Vitamin Cleansing Bar

VITAMIN ENRICHED SOAP. More than just a regular bar of soap, Baxter of California’s Vitamin Cleansing Bar offers more for your skin

Baxter of California’

At first glance, Baxter of California’s Vitamin Cleansing Bar may look like just another regular bar of soap, but if you look at the attributes it is actually much more than that.See that colorful stripe in the middle? Well that’s the glycerin that helps soften and moisturize your skin. Glycerin, by the way, is naturally colorless; the colors you see come from ingredients including Italian lime and pomegranate, bergamot and pear, flora and cassis and most recently, citrus and herbal musk. These allow the Vitamin Cleansing Bar to solve a number of skin problems. These bars also contain aloe, seaweed, vitamins A and E that will help restore and nourish your skin. It has great lather and smells exquisitely. Plus, it’s also gentle enough for facial skin. Available at Rococo The Men’s Store.