Bang & Olufsen Introduces the Beosound Balance

Bang & Olufsen is redefining home audio with its latest speaker collection, the Beosound Balance.

Motivated by a passion for music, design and craftsmanship, Bang & Olufsen presents the powerful home speaker Beosound Balance. It is designed in collaboration with Benjamin Hubert from the British industrial design studio LAYER. The speaker comes with a soft, rounded silhouette with materials such as solid oak wood and knitted textile that hides interface when not in use.


Blending in nicely as an interior object, Beosound Balance has a hidden touch interface to manually control the speaker. When somebody approaches the speaker, the interface will light up using light-trough aluminum technology and invite the user to interact with the speaker. Just swipe around the top plate to control volume or touch the icons to change tracks, pause the music and select pre-saved favorites. The interface will automatically dim when walking away from the speaker, leaving nothing but the aluminum surface visible.

Beosound Balance comes with seven configured speaker drivers with two opposing woofers that generate a powerful bass sounds that cancel out vibrations. Bang & Olufsen also brings forward an innovative and flexible acoustic experience based on two sound modes: an omni-directional mode ensuring a uniform sound experience around the speaker and a sound mode delivering a precisely focused and unique ambient experience for this sleek-designed speaker.

“The vision with Beosound Balance is to make the speaker feel like an extension of the atmosphere in the home – reflecting the place it is in and the person using it. The design is both sensorial and tactile, with a look and feel driven by high quality interior craftsmanship and materials, as well as highly innovative. Listening modes allow tailored acoustics when needed, and carefree, stunning sound when wanted – putting listeners in control of a broad range of experience that soothe, excite and create joy,” explain Bang & Olufsen VP of Design, Gavin Ivester.