Bally’s Fall/Winter Collection is About Being Casual and Retro

RETRO SPORTSWEAR – The idea behind Bally’s fall/winter 2018 collection can be broken down into three things: One, it evokes a sense of journey; two, it pays homage to retro styles; and three, it is about mixing formal and casual wear together.

All things considered, let’s call the basic idea “retro sportswear.” By breathing sportswear vibes into luxury products, Bally’s signature line of bags are given easy-to-wear and sporty attributes like multi-pockets, shoulder straps and added zippers. Perhaps the best embodiment of this idea is Bally’s signature multi-pocketed crew backpack, which, on top of its sporty attributes, has been infused with a color block design and a combination of new fabrics such as suede.

Some of the Bally bags, like the duffle, has also been re-introduced with the Bally logo from the 1920s. These pieces are highly noticeable thanks to their groovy arrow-stripe design that is indisputably retro.