Bally’s ’70s Revival Bag Collection

 CLASSIC WITH A TWIST. Bally brings back the spirit of the ’70s for its latest fall/winter 2017 bag collection

Classic with a Twist

Try and visualize a club in New York City during the ’70s—the era of David Bowie and Mick Jagger. You have the gambling and card games, the smell of cigar smoke and the taste of a single malt scotch whisky. Well that visualization pretty much serves the inspiration behind Bally’s fall/winter 2017 bag collection. Similar to its collection from last season, the brand’s fall/winter offerings are filled with explosive colors and vibrant patterns; from classic touches like Ballymania patches to “modern meets the past” references. For colors, ivy and purple are the lead hues, followed by red, merlot and lemon. These colorful bags go well with simple shirt-and-jeans get-ups and can even be paired with tailored suits.