DA MAN Style Spring/Summer 2015

What’s Inside:

  • A strong persona and ample confidence made J. Ryan Karsten one of the most promising Indonesian models
  • He used to make his plays on the soccer field, but now John Halls is a permanent fixture in the modeling world
  • Known for his signature scar and intense gaze, Tobias Sørensen shares the good and the bad of his modeling career
  • Callum Rockall, the new star of Lanvin’s campaign, never expected to hold a career in fashion
  • Paul Corona sets himself apart with his striking long hair and passion for music
  • Clark Bockelman, the muse of Calvin Klein Collection, opens up about the start of his career and his own definition of sexy
  • With his impressive portfolio, Roch Barbot remains on top of his game after a decade-long career
  • Exclusive interviews with world-class designers, from Paul Smith and Kean Etro to Junichi Abe and Soetjipto Hoeijaja
  • Fashion spreads and Know How guides for just about any spring/summer essential