DA MAN Style Fall/Winter 2016

What’s Inside:

  • Spanish model Andrés Velencoso Segura’s career took him all across the globe and eventually into the world of acting
  • London boy Oliver Cheshire talks about his passion for modeling and the way he drums up business for the brands he represents
  • With his modeling career on an upward path, American model Dan Murphy takes to the skies in the most literal sense
  • Andrey Zakharov shares his tale of being a self-made model and spiritual enlightenment
  • The grim and serious face of lanky model John Hein hides a gentle prankster who really knows how to make people laugh
  • Legendary designer Christian Louboutin reveals the inspiration behind his latest creations
  • Tommy Hilfiger talks about what’s in store for fans of his namesake brand
  • Plus more exclusive interviews, in-depth Know How articles, fashion FAQs for the season and more